Since 2002, Daniel Smeal, ASC Farmington College Professor and project leader on the Xeriscape Research/Demonstration Garden has collected data on plant specimen water requirements. A compilation of the research data has been presented in proceeding papers.


The proceedings paper titled Climate-based Coefficients for Scheduling Irrigations in Urban Xeriscapes has been submitted to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for publication in the 5th National Decennial Irrigation Conference in Phoenix, AZ, held in December 2010. The copyrights to this proceedings paper belongs to ASABE. Permission for web posting of the proceeding, by anyone other than the original author, must be requested from Donna Hull, ASABE.

The proceedings paper titled A Differentially-Irrigated, Xeric Plant Demonstration Garden in Northwestern New Mexico has been submitted to the Irrigation Association (IA) for the 18th Annual International Irrigation Show and Technical Conference in San Diego, CA. (December 9-11, 2007). The Irrigation Association has granted us permission to post the proceedings on our website.