Xeriscape Education

Xeriscape educational modules have been created by Daniel Smeal, M.S. NMSU's College Professor - Emeritus in Irrigation Management. The modules may be requested for your classroom or personal education use. Please submit your email request for a portable document format (PDF) file(s) to Margaret West.

XEMod 1 Introduction PDF
XEMod 2 Basic Botany PDF
XEMod 3 Plant Selection Consideration PDF
XEMod 4 Trees and Shrubs PDF
XEMod 4 Small Perennials PDF
XEMod 4 Penstemons PDF
XEMod 4 Low Growing Plants or Groundcovers PDF
XEMod 4 Yuccas and Cacti (PDF) XEMod 4 Grasses (PDF)
XEMod 5 Micro (or Drip) Irrigation PDF)
XEMod 6 Irrigation Management (PDF)
XEMod 7 Getting Started (PDF)
Xeriscape Four Corners Region Resources (PDF)