In the southwest, irrigation of landscapes accounts for approximately 50% of total domestic water-use in urban areas. Based on some surveys, more than half of this water could be conserved without adversely affecting the quality of existing landscapes if irrigations were carefully scheduled to satisfy plant needs (ET for acceptable quality.)

Irrigation Auditing

The city of Albuquerque's Irrigation Audit Manual provides landscape managers and property owners with the concepts and tools necessary to develop a sound irrigation management plan. Here, it has been reproduced with permission granted by the Albuquerque Public Works Department, Water Resources Division-Water Conservation Office. The manual describes how to evaluate irrigation system performance, including water application uniformity, and explains how to efficiently schedule irrigation on turfgrass.

Irrigation Design

Turfgrass Conference

Turfgrass Management

In New Mexico, turfgrass is comprised of industrial and institutional grounds, home lawns, and recreational spaces. Quality water-wise turf provides site beautification, recreation, and erosion control.

Water Requirements

A study conducted at the Agricultural Science Center at Farmington, from 1998-2001, identified the water requirements of some cool and warm season turfgrasses. These findings resulted in the formulation of consumptive-use curves and crop coefficients that can be used to efficiently schedule irrigations on turfgrass.