Annual Research Reports

Summaries of irrigation and fertilization related research conducted by Daniel Smeal, et. al. on NMSU's Agricultural Science Center at Farmington from 1998 through 1995 can be accessed below. Irrigation research summaries for years subsequent to 1998 are contained within the ASC Farmington Annual Progress Reports on ASC Farmington - Projects and Results webpage.

More Annual Research Reports will be forthcoming.

PDF Search Tips:

Annual Research Reports (ARRs) can be crop whole-word searched in two ways.

Option 1: Open the PDF file. Locate the 'Find' tool (the 'Find' tool can be reached by pressing 'Edit' on the Menu Bar) and enter a crop name as listed on the ARR cover page. This function will allow you to search the word entry via individual page using the 'previous page' or 'next page' buttons located to the right of the 'Find' box.

Option 2: The ARRs have been formatted for an 'index' search. To search by index, press the 'Find' tool down arrow. Select 'Open Full Acrobat Search'. In the search dialogue box, enter a crop name and check 'Whole words only' then press the 'Search' button.

Most references for the crop whole-word will appear in paraphrased statements within the document. Additionally, when moving the cursor over the icon preceding each statement an ARR PDF file page number will appear.

To start a new search for another crop, press the 'New Search' button and repeat the steps for Option 2.

Annual Research Reports